Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A Nexus of Aspirations

Nexus 7 in Keyboard Case
Another one has fallen off my Lust List.  I've been wanting the Nexus 7 since 2012.  Even before my netbook began acting up.  I wanted it primarily for an e-reader.  I liked that it was about the size of the smaller trade-back--one size up from the paperbacks.

Then when I learned they made keyboards as accessories for them I saw a lot more possibilities.  That is why I made the keyboard part of the original order and not something I'd plan to get later.  For this makes the Nexus 7 as much a writing machine as a reading machine.  And that's huge.

Naked Nexus 7 on ASUS Aspire
When my new 15 inch Aspire became my primary working machine in late August, I lost the portability of the 10 inch netbook.

Sure it is still a laptop and still small enough to pack around.  Technically it's portable.

But practically it isn't.  It is always a major production to get all the cords untangled--power, headphone, USB chargers--all the aps shut down to save battery, and then packed up with whatever accessories I can't do without--mouse and mouse pad, thumbs, earbuds...

It can take longer to do this than it takes to get dressed.

So I seldom moved it off it's desk.  Whether away from home or just to another room, I rarely took it with me.

This had another repercussion in that I hated to be without it so I resisted going places.

Nexus 7 Keyboard Case Closed
The case and keyboard were a unit--a single product.

The view above is of the side the tablet is ensconced in.  The round hole top left accommodates the camera.  The nearly square flap with a lifting tab in the middle is the stand that props the keyboard at the right angle for typing as seen in the top picture.

Closed Nexus 7 Keyboard Case Side-by-Side with
the Hacker Rules for Writer's
a 5X8X1 inch book
Here you see the keyboard side which is fairly featureless.

ASUS Netbook Cradles Nexus 7
The keyboard is Bluetooth.

The pictures above and below compare its size as a unit with my netbook and Aspire.

Nexus 7 on the Lap of Aspire
This is not a review.  You might say it's an announcement.  I'm still on the steep slope of the learning curve and the rocky path between factory and personalized.  It will be awhile before I get all the aps I need in place, the files I want downloaded and all the settings established.  I'm still working at that for the Blaze smartphone that Ed got me for my birthday in November so I expect a similar experience.  Tho it helps that the Blaze and the Nexus run the same Android OS..

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