Thursday, February 06, 2014

Snow Enrobed

Snow Enrobed Birdbath
 We're in the middle of a major snow event in Longview today.  Probably lasting through Friday.

I took these pictures from the front porch at dusk.  I couldn't step off the strip protected by the roof overhang as I was not wearing shoes with traction.

This might not look major to folks east of the Rockies but for Longview it's fairly uncommon to get more than a dusting to an inch or two.  And that usually melts off by noon.

At 6pm this evening the birdbath had a 5 inch cap of snow.
Snow Enrobed Neighborhood

Snow Enrobed Street
 With my sister out of town today the driveway remained pristine.

She called shortly after I took these pics to say she will be spending the night in Chehalis, less than twenty miles north of us, because the snow there was deeper and the temps were dropping into the teens already.

Snow Enrobed Hedge
 This is the hedge I see out the window from my workstation.  Those tall evergreens are straight across from me so I spent the afternoon watching them get their frosting, shake it off and get it back again, and the laurel hedge loose it leafy look and the neighbor's roof go white as a wedding cake.

Snow Enrobed Japanese Ornamental

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