Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Amplitude of Gratitude--Giving Back

It's World Cat Day
thank your kitty with cuddles, treats, toys and watch funny kitty vids
and spread the word about kittehs needing forever homes

I spent the bulk of my brain work hours today working with my email--organizing labels, creating filters, editing old filters, clearing inbox and reading.  And in the process discovered a number of interesting, fun and or free things and one of them, The Business-Boosting Power of Thank You by Derek Halpern, prompted me to put together a post that shared some of them and thus in a small way give back.

An email from an author whose ARCs I've reviewed alerted me to one of her ebooks being free on Kindle this week:  Red is for Rage by Connie Corcoran Wilson [Kindle Edition]

I had no idea there was such a thing as National Zucchini Day until I saw today's email from Just a Pinch: Chocolate-Zucchini Muffins

NPR is always a treasure trove of interesting, fun, and/or free stuff:

Libraries' Leading Roles: On Stage, On Screen And In Song -- an ode to libraries

Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing -- Ten free music downloads

First Listen: Typhoon, 'White Lighter' -- This entire album is available to listen to at NPR this week

The Biggest Thing Out Of Thailand: An Elephant Orchestra -- Drumming Elephants!

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