Thursday, August 29, 2013

Copy That

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Today I spent nearly the entire morning session working with the AWAI copywriting course materials.  After spending several days getting oriented last week, I had to take a break Sunday thru Wednesday for the major reorganizing of the room and creation of a viable workstation and then two doctor appointments.  So today was my first day back with the AWAI materials since Saturday.

I still didn't get as far as I'd hoped.  Still in the orienting process.  Also trying to catch up on the AWAI emails.  Welcomes and tips and of course more AWAI products.  But even the product emails are grist for the mill as they are samples of what I'm about to learn how to do.

Speaking of emails.  I'd been working my inbox down from 13K over the last month and had it worked down to 2440 late last week.  Had to put that on hiatus since Friday as well and it is already back up to 2600.  Did not touch it today.  It increased by over 50.  Will have to get a handle on that soon.

What the cat advises in the LOL above is not completely silly BTW.  Just not quite as he advises tho.  In the reading I've done of AWAI materials so far I've found several references to 'swipe files' and 'seed libraries' which I gather through context are one and the same and are collections of ad copy that works and we are encouraged to create our own such files and collect examples of ad copy in the niches we are interested in by getting on mailing lists.

So apparently the hoarding instinct in me that can't trash email will pay dividends as a good 60% of my email archives are newsletters, direct mail offers, political action requests, non-profit solicitations...  And of course all in niches that interest me since why else did I get on the mailing lists?

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