Monday, August 26, 2013

Entering Extreme Dreams Zone

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I'm wiped.  I've been hustling and bustling all day.  Besides the work on the office rearrange there was a doctor appointment to prepare for and go to.

The office project today involved some trips up and down the stairs to take boxes to the basement and bring other stuff back up.  I've decided to move the entire sorting project down there to eliminate a huge volume of the clutter from this room.  Also I was forever needing something that was up here when I was down there or versa visa.  I'll keep the loose paper sort up here as they are 90% office task related anyway.

Mom is going to be back between 4 and 6 tomorrow and I've got to have her side of the bed cleared of my stuff by then or by 8 at the latest.  But I'd prefer to have it done before she gets here so I can read to her as I'm anxious to see what's about to happen next in Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon which we started reading a couple weeks ago.

My focus in this room today was on the desk area mostly.  The pics in yesterday's post are outdated already.  I stripped the desk to the bare surface again and added alternative shelving and storage units.  I pulled the stack of boxes out from behind my printer so I could push the printer back and access more of the desk surface from my chair.  I also pulled some miscellaneous stuff out of the far corner beyond the desk as some of it might be needed and what I was about to do to the end of the desk would block access to it.

While I was back there moving stuff around I found some aging manila envelopes and snooped in them.  There were several old photos and a letter on onion skin from Brazil that was addressed to my great aunt.  The letter was thanking her for sharing her knowledge and some of her precious photos of the Myers family which were being returned with the letter.

The writer who had moved with his family to Brazil some time before had visited my great aunt in Tacoma in 1975 on a whirlwind trip that took him to 6 cities between the west coast and mid-west in 7 days interviewing Myers family members.  I was enthralled.  There is a story there...

Some years ago I began the project of scanning our family photos and was supposed to create a virtual album that could be burned on discs for our extended family.  I thought I'd gotten nearly all of the old photos but I had not found those in my previous scavenger hunt through the house for photos from all eras.

I let that project slide.  But encountering that letter and the photos inside has revived my interest in it.

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