Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Serenity #351

Merlin on the Mini-Tramp

I spent much of the afternoon and evening rearranging my 'office' here at Mom's.  Yet again.

It seems an endless project.  Every couple of weeks I'm tackling it again because something about the last rendition was not working.  This time I have moved the mini-tramp from the front of the room into the back corner where I'd been trying to have my desk.

One of the biggest issues with having my desk back there was the tight fit that meant little room to maneuver the chair so swiveling from side to side and getting in and out was a huge hassle.  Thus I tended to end up sitting on a duffel on the tramp which meant the tramp didn't get used for exercise.

seen from where the tramp was
Now that I'm about to embark on the AWAI copywriting course, it is important that I get it right.  I need my workstation to be conducive to productive, focused work.

When I first arrived in January I'd established Mom's desk just inside the door as the station for my Health and Beauty Aids aka HABA, setting my boxes and bags atop Mom's papers and pamphlets and miscellany that had been gathering dust since her broken hip and stroke in 2008.  Three weeks ago I'd started the project of clearing the archaeological layers.

That project required that Mom not be home so that I could move freely between this room and the bedroom across the hall that we share without fear of colliding with her. A serious concern when two visually impaired people are moving about the same house.

I also needed to pile things on the bed and the floor beside it and not have to worry about getting it all out of there before her bedtime.  So I waited until she left to spend the weekend with my brother's family.

seen from the hall
Before she returned that Sunday evening I'd stripped her desk to it's bare surface.  But her stuff had to be redistributed to elsewhere in the room and the only free surfaces were my cubby desk and standing desk above the tramp.

Meanwhile my HABA had to return to her desk so I had easy access to it.  Which meant that I had no option but to sit on the tramp.

The next two weekends Mom was in too much pain to go anywhere.  She left this afternoon and will be gone until Tuesday.  I started moving stuff out of here as she was going out the door.

By 4 I had my new desk area set up.  By 7 I had the tramp in place.  The challenge now is to get all the stuff I moved to the bedroom back in here and organized by Tuesday afternoon.

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