Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank you. Now Pass the Cheeseburger.

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Don't let the glib, lighthearted humor fool you. We are so grateful that our Jamie's surgery went well up in Vancouver, WA today. It lasted less than 45 minutes and there were no complications.

There were programming glitches beforehand though. She was told to stop eating at 6PM Monday night and to arrive at the hospital at 6:30AM Tuesday for prep. Then they discovered that a crucial implement was unavailable and they had to send for it at the University hospital across the river in Portland OR. And since that was going to take several hours the doctor bumped his next patient up. That surgery lasted until late afternoon so Jamie didn't get her turn until after 6PM.

That's 24 hours after she'd stopped eating!

She was practically composing odes to cheeseburgers by early afternoon when my sister who was waiting with her called to let me know they were still waiting and that they would be for several more hours.

I had stayed up this morning thinking that the whole thing would be over by noon which would allow me to get four or five hours of sleep before dinner but I gave in to the sandman after the phone call and slept from around three until ten-thirty.

My sister and I had arranged that further communication between us would be conducted via facebook unless something warranted another phone call. So I checked my fb immediately upon waking to find the several messages that came in while I slept: Still waiting---She just went in--She's back and she's fine. No complications. But they're keeping her overnight for observation. Good night.

The last had come in 24 minutes before I checked so I'd just missed my final chance to chat real time. My poor sisters! Jamie who'd been starving for over 24 hours and who'd had only cat naps since Monday morning before going under the anesthesia and Carri who'd left Longview by 5:30 in order to pick Jamie up in Vancouver and get her to the hospital by 6:30 and who still had to make the drive back to Longview!

But after what happened last July (see my archives) this was a cakewalk. And that is why our hearts are light tonight.

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