Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dirty Rotten Job

dis da bestest fun eba why u calls it durty rottin jawb?

This was race day at the dirt track and the weather was fine so Ed and his folks went and I had my second home alone day of the season. Usually I've had over half a dozen by mid June.

The chore I focused on this time was some reorganizing in our room. It was the first step of a bigger project.

It was bad enough to spend four hours doing it so I'd rather not give a play by play. Suffice it to say it involved a lot of shuffling of boxes and bags from this place to that--to make better use of space, to bring certain boxes within easier reach for sorting in the near future, to put winter clothes and coats in back of closet and to prepare to implement the better hamper system I have in mind that will make laundry easier.

Which last entailed clearing out a bunch of boxes to make the space available which meant having to make space for the boxes elsewhere which meant taking down a shelf tower at the head of the bed which Ed has been bumping his head on for ages and cursing at, which meant making room for those shelves in my desk and closet area which meant taking apart my entire desk and sewing area and putting it back together--AGAIN! That was the first project which I accomplished nearly a month ago the last time the went to the races and kept having to redo over the following week when something wasn't working. Like the desk collapsing under the weight of the stuff on it.

Well it just about broke my heart to take it apart again since it had been working fine for over a week now but I had no choice unless I wanted to give up the shelving. So I substituted the sturdier shelves for the tray table that had been my desk. It's too soon to know if it is going to work out as what it is meant for. I was too exhausted to try it out. After I'd finally cleared away the knee deep pile of stuff I'd shifted to the bed from its previous home, I took a long relaxing shower and collapsed on said bed to watch a DVD but barely got started before they drove in so it went on pause and I eventually turned off the TV.

I could get that DVD out of the TVs player and put it in my netbook player in order to watch with headphones I suppose. But I could also put in a different one or stream off Netflix or...

Maybe sleep.

It seems a bit soon for me but somehow still tempting.

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