Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rainbow Whatsit @ 1 Month

The flat navy circle the size of a quarter is now a bowl big enough for a soup bowl cozy. I started working straight up two days or five rows ago and am contemplating at end of each row now if it should be the last.

I discovered yesterday though that I had apparently guestimated wrong and waited too long to start the upward trend which stops the expansion of the circle and am faced with the choice of taking out ten or more rows or adding 32 rows (16 stripes or 1 full iteration) to the rainbow panel. I'm leaning toward the latter as I think larger is better than smaller. I'd been dithering as to whether to do four iterations in the first place.

This means I'll also need to make a fourth of each of the smaller circlets. I haven't finished making them for all the colors yet so for those I had I'll have to make one more and for the last six colors make the whole set of four.

I should probably stop calling this a whatxit. When I first started the rainbow panel I didn't know what I was making other than a rainbow filet. I have long settled on the what and it should be looking fairly obvious by now to anyone whose experienced in crochet.

I really need to get this finished before I leave for my three week visit to Longview next month as I don't want to drag all eighteen balls of thread with me. If I can at least finish the rainbow panel and all the circlets I would only need the navy and the Mexican varigated thread to finish it. I have about one month in which to do that. Which wouldn't be a problem if there weren't so many other things I need to get done before I leave.

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