Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bobbled Bamboo Bookmark

This is the crocheted bookmark that has been giving me fits this week. I'm not working from a pattern but rather making it up as I go by combining stitches I recently learned: the bobble, the quadruple crochet, the extended single and the trinity.

I messed up on the count so many times and had to take out portions repeatedly to the point that I probably made the equivalent in stitches of three if not four of these. The main cause of the problems was having set it aside after the pink center row was put in to return to the rainbow watsit project for over five days as I learned tow work in the round. The result was forgetting the precise count and the fact that I'd left 2 empty chains between each bobble. Thus on the second bobble row I ended up with over 30 bobbles where there was supposed to be 22.

While trying to diagnose that problem I discovered I'd messed up the count in the single crochet row between the bobble row and the pink quadruple row, which of course had messed up the count for the quadruple row and added to the confusion as I put in the second bobble row. I had reached the final five stitches of the last blue row before I discovered I had a serious problem. And then had to take it out all the way to the final bobble on the second row.

This was worked the long way and I started with a chain of 77 in the blue, added a row of extended single then a row of bobbles made of four double crochet with two chains separating them and two double crochet begining and ending the row. The bobble row was followed by a row of single crochet to which the middle pink row of quadruple crochet was added. Then back to blue and in reverse: single, bobble, extended single. And finally the pink border using the trinity stitch.

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