Saturday, January 31, 2009


My sister needed to spend hours on the computer doing the family bookkeeping today and asked me to handle dinner alone. I was eager. I hoped to repeat Thursday's success of getting through the prep, serving and cleanup without botching anything. I almost made it. I was preparing to load the dishwasher after dinner when I had to go get a tissue to block a sneeze. While walking back with the tissue held to my nose, I was thinking about the jar of tarter sauce I'd just put in the fridge and how low it was and decided that I should go tell my sister that the next time we had fish we would need to make up a new batch. She probably had already noted that. Even if not, it could have waited. But she had just left the kitchen to return to the office and I wanted to catch her before she got re-focused on her work. And of course I forgot I had already lowered the dishwasher door. This time I banged into it with BOTH shins.

And of course it hit my left shin right on top of the old healing bruise from the New Year's Eve incident.

And to top it off I cussed. In my mother's devout Christian home! :|

Well at least I wasn't moving as fast as the last time when I was attempting to answer the wrong door and was all but running. This time I was just walking and you could say I was meandering.

So I spent the evening with my leg elevated and started up the icepack regimen again, hoping to preempt a repeat of the fallout from last time when improper care in the first 48 hours landed me in ER with celluitus six days later. Better two days now than ten days later.

And I was back up to forty to sixty minute workouts on the tramp this week! I suppose I'll have to stay off it for a few days now.


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