Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh, My Shameless Cheating Heart

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I'm pushing hard to finish The Story of Edgar Sawtelle before the webinar with the author on Monday evening. But the chances are slim seeing as how I've got more than 300 pages to go and I'm reading less now that I'm back on my feet almost normally and thus able and willing to help my sister and Mom which is why I came to spend the month with them in the first place.

So I'm going to read for awhile now that everyone else has gone to bed and if I am still reading with no sign of sleep or eyestrain at 3AM I think I'm going to keep right on reading and not lay down at all until Sunday night. Because now that I'm up and about I also need to get my hours swung around to be more compatible with my sister and mom's needs. They slid back to the graveyard shift like hours I keep at home after the ER visit on the 6th. I've been trying to flip them by setting the alarm for 10AM no matter what time I lay down all week. But it isn't working. Either I fall back to sleep or I am groggy and useless for several hours anyway. Skipping sleep entirely for a day has been a tried and true method in the past for switching my sleep hours.

One way or another I simply MUST be awake Tuesday morning to watch Obama's inaugeration ceremony in DC and the celebrations following it. I will probably be watching online without fanfare as I am not among those who share my enthusiasm. (There's my cheating heart again.) I so wish I could go to one of the parties being thrown on Tuesday. And that is saying a lot. Anyone who knows me knows that social gatherings are not my thing. Given a choice I would prefer going to the ER than to a party or a potluck. But for this year's inaguration I think I would be delighted to be in a crowd of like-minded where I could freely laugh and cheer and cry happy tears and dance for joy and sing kumbaya and halleluiah and hug my six nearest neigbors.

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