Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Here we go...

i'm going to have to got to ER to have my leg checked. The bruise on my shin from banging into the dishwasher New Year's Eve has spread down into my ankles and sole of my foot and has a red itchy halo. So I came to help with my Mom's recovery from hip surgery and minor stroke and now i'm gonna be a patient too? That's my life for you.

update: it's celluitus sp? an infection. I had no idea infections could start in a bruise when the skin didn't even break. i should have been staying off my feet that first day or two and using ice packs. Now i've got to stay off my feet and keep my left foot elevated for two to three days and take antibiotics for a week. And i can't do my mini-tramp workout until the swelling and redness are completely gone which might take a week. and i was just getting back to where i could lift my knees even with my hips in a kind of marching step without holding onto the porch rail.

and now my sister has to wait on me as much or more than she has to wait on Mom for the next two days and I can't continue with the meal prep help and after meal KP for at least that long. I'm feeling worse than useless right at this moment. I spend my life at home cooped up in a bedroom all but two or three hours each day trying to stay out of the way. Which is why I was glad to agree to come help my sister care for our mother for four to six weeks. and now this.

at least the thing i feared the most turned out not to be an issue: there is no sign of blood clots. if it hadn't been my fear of a blood clot I wouldn't have agreed to go have it checked out. infection hadn't crossed my mind really but i guess that is as serious in its own way as blood clots.

i took picutures of my leg and foot so I could show Ed when I get home or maybe email them sooner. i'm thinking of posting them would that be tacky? TMI?

Ah. I was just about to post this update when my sister came back upstairs just over an hour after she had gone down to bed. She tells me that she and her son just spent the last hour mopping up water down in the laundry room and the hallway outside it. She had just been dozing off when she heard a not normal sound from the laundry room. She almost slipped in the water on her way to check on it. The hose that drains the washer tub each cycle had popped off its bracket that holds it to the edge of the deep sink it drains into and the hose had flailed out over the floor. Poor sis is feeling picked on too.

Well it is a blessing that she did NOT slip in that water and break something herself.

Speaking of blessings: the ladies of my sister's church are going to be bringing meals to us for the next several days or so. They brought the first one this evening while I was at the ER with my cousin who drove me.

Well, i think my leg needs the icepack again and i'm going to go get it myself since I have to get up anyway.

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