Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #116

Am feeling some better today and was dabbling a bit in word games over at Pogo where I signed up for a two week trial to celebrate the end of NaNoWriMo. One of my favorite word games is unscrambling words and/or seeing how many words I can make from the letters of a given word of 6 to 8 letters and in the latter case preferably scrambled so that the full word has to be discovered.

My favorite online version of this game is Word Twist. I just like its interface better for a number of reasons. Not the least is that there is little visual and audio clutter and the font sizes and game pieces are of a good size and clarity for my vision limitations.

But Pogo's version is Word Whomp so that's the one I have been playing today. I decided to collect thirteen of the scrambled 'words' and present them here and let you have fun solving them in comments. I collected the answers as well and will post them in comments late Sunday or sometime on Monday.

Thirteen Scrambled Words

  1. dlgyla =
  2. nspoos =
  3. odhysd =
  4. atpouy =
  5. iohsdm =
  6. mitpeu =
  7. riignt =
  8. rfliel =
  9. lfrfie =
  10. utrnta = (oops. had this typed in wrong. fixed it)
  11. tmaclu =
  12. opfylp =
  13. rhwtec =

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