Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jumbled VI

Jumble by Craig Thompson
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I still haven't gotten those Pictures off my camera that I want to put into last night's and Saturday night's posts. And again I'm too tired to do a post justice. It has been a hectic day even though we never left the house, the four of us--my Mom, my sister and her son.

My sister gave me a tour of the freezers and cupboards and we worked together to plan tonight's meal and prepare it. Soon--as soon as possible--I'll be taking primary responsibility for meal preparation and clean up.

Things are still a jumble and probably are going to be for awhile. Probably to some extent for the whole of my stay here. How could things be otherwise when the situation that warranted my coming here was the kind that turns your world topsy-turvy.

Mom's hip seems to be healing apace but her aphasia from the mild stroke is still a major problem. She was supposed to continue with rehab therapy after getting back home and under the care of her primary physician. But it hasn't begun yet because her doctor has been either lazy, uncaring or incompetent about getting the right paper work with the right requests to the insurance company. She also hasn't returned any of my sister's calls for two days.

So there is one jumbled mess. I'm grateful it is one I don't have to deal with as it involves being assertive with strangers and authority figures over the phone. Which is something I've never been able to do. In fact my aversion to speaking on the phone to strangers is nearly phobic. My sister though has had one ear attached to a phone since before her fifth birthday.

Another bit of a jumble happened this afternoon when I was preparing for a shower and was trying to find my net scrubber in the HABA (Health and Beaty Aids) Bag.I couldn't find it without pulling stuff out. And about the time that I had the bag mostly emptied all over the small shower bench, my sister was calling through the door that Mom need the bathroom urgently. So I started stuffing things back in quickly and as I was about to put the last item in the bag tipped over onto the floor. Luckily only a few things spilled out.

Also quilifying as a jumbled situation is the WIFI situation. As I mentioned several times since I learned I was going to be coming up to Mom's for an extended stay to help during her recovery, we bought a WIFI box to hook up to their Internet so I could have access to the web whenever things were calm enough no matter what time of the day it was. We still haven't got it working right. My nephew is the one who is trying to figure it out and going onto the product's help site and chat forums. He did finally get the WIFI box hooked up and my computer accessed the net thrhough it and he was delighted to discover that his Nintendo DS could access it too. But we couldn't leave it that way because to get it working he had disconnected the Internet phone service router which they depend on to stay in touch with my brother's family who live in Portland among other things. We need to figure out how to get both router's hooked up and working simultaneously.

Meanwhile I've been moohing off a couple of WIFI connections my computer discovered and alerted me about Sunday night and feeling like a thief. So I was both relieved and panicky when one of them stopped working for me this afternoon. Then both relieved and guilty whenI clicked on the other one on the list of wireless connections detected by my computer and it worked. Then both relieved and frustrated when an hour later it stopped working.

Then while I was sitting and visiting with my nephew as he worked on the problem, he showed me the list of available connections his Nintedo had identified and I told him those were the same ones my laptop had found and that the top one was the one I connected with Sunday night and the middle one I had been connected with for several hours this afternoon. He took a closer look at the network names and then said, Hey I think that one is the name of the phone router. So when he had to unhook the WIFI router and get the internet phone working again he had me go check to see if I could connect through that one again and sure enough I could. So I am relieved that the wireless I was mooching off today was apparently my Mom's and not an unwitting neighbor.

We didnt' get this figured out until nearly midnight. And meanwhile there was another jumbled mess that impacted everybody. During the meal prep the garbage disposal choked on something and clogged up the sink. My sister had to call our cousin's husband to come over to take a look at it. He spent nearly three hours getting it working again. He left after eleven.

Rememer that book I started the Monday before Christmas? The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseni? The library book? Well I didn't get to finish it and it was driving me nuts. I couldn't enjoy any of the novels I brought with me with that story still occupying me. Well my sister was kind enough to stop by the library on her way to grocery shop yesterday and broght a copy home for me. I got to read about five pages last night but even though I carried around the house with me all day, I never got to crack it open.

And I've reached the point I can barely crack open my eyes.

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