Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Forays In Fiction: Sick Daze

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All I can manage tonight is the promised weekly update on what I've done with my fiction projects in the past week. Especially my NaNo story which I committed to sticking with through July. Having been sick since Sunday evening, I lost the creative spark so I've not worked with the story elements of Mobile Hopes this week. But I did keep my commitment to stay actively engaged with the files. I've added more links to relevant info online to the Reference section of my notes in the novel's WhizFolder. And I've started trying to put some order into the Reference section. This is part of cleaning up the mess I made during the NaNo frenzy. This is important because I dropped all my previous NaNo stories because the mess I'd made of their files had so demoralized me.

Below is the screenshot of Mobile Hopes in it's WhizFolder that I posted the first Friday of NaNo. Check out that post for an explanation of the WhizFolder ap and how I use it. Needless to say it has changed a lot since then.

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