Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #103


Thirteen (hundred?) Recent AAUGH! Moments

  1. Last Thursday I fell down the front steps on my way out the door heading to the library. Read the details in Friday's post.
  2. Having ascertained that I'd broken nothing but several inches off the tip of my white cane, I made the walk anyway and after checking out I was loading up the wheeled book bag and it tipped over spilling a bunch of books onto the floor.
  3. Once I got the bag repacked and was trying to pull it only to discover I had tipped it the wrong direction with the wheels off the floor.
  4. When I got out the door into the sun, I realized I wasn't wearing my visor and remembered I'd put it in the book bag on my way inside earlier. Now it was (hopefully) on the bottom of the bag beneath about twenty books.
  5. In my attempt to stick my arm down the side of the books to verify the visor really was in the bag I spilled half a dozen books onto the sidewalk in front of the front doors right in the path of people going in and out.
  6. Waking up the next morning --not to mention every step I had to take that day, every turn of my head, every lift of my arms, every grip of every item, every tap on every key....
  7. The following morning was even worse. And then I realized I couldn't get away with skipping laundry that day because I had frivolously done so the previous Saturday while Ed and his folks were at the dirt track. And then followed every lift and drop motion, every step between bedroom and machines to sort, load, transfer, fold and put away two loads of urgently needed cloths. Skipping yet again the bedding which is an Aaugh! all of its own.
  8. Yesterday I woke up for the first time feeling myself, feeling ambitious. I was setting up my workstation on the bed. I was bringing over the books I'd checked out last Thursday for the task of making bib slips for the new ones, refer to the bib slips of repeat books for the page number I'd left off and to select bookmarks for each. Standing by the bookshelf at the foot of the bed, I gently tossed a book up towards the pillows and it landed on the TV remote, changing the channel in the middle of something I was listening to.
  9. I leaned across the bed bracing myself with my left fist on the mattress. My wrist just folded causing me to fall again. Yes it was on the mattress but it was still a serious jarring that I knew meant a re-inflaming of all the same insulted tissues, tendons and joints.
  10. While setting up my desk (laptop on board across box between legs) the board fell forward into my lap spilling laptop, notebooks, pencils, headphones etc into my lap and in my attempt to catch it I caught one of my fingernails on the bottom of the board bending it backwards.
  11. Having put on my typing gloves--fingerless gloves made of material like support hose with straps to wrap around the wrist made of the same material as elastic bandages for sprains--I got to work. A few minutes later, needing a break, I rested my left wrist across my right and the loop attaching the charm to the bracelet on my left wrist (which I've never taken off since my Dad helped me put it on in August 05 at our last full family reunion before his passing that September) got caught in the elastic of the glove on the right hand pinning wrist to wrist.
    ---The thread it was caught on was too strong for me to break. I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out how to get unhooked without humiliating myself by going to ask my MIL for help, which would have presented its own set of problems in how to get unpenned by my desk first. I finally decided to try to remove the glove on my right hand with my teeth and then realized that the loop was hooded on the strap not the glove part so I unwrapped the strap with my teeth first and that gave me enough leeway to use my fingers on my right hand to unhook the loop.
    ----OK You all have my permission to laugh on this one.
  12. I knew I should have taken Naproxin immediately but I forgot until after I was already penned in and pinned down by my desk and decided it could wait until the next time I had to get up. But that wasn't until I was called for dinner and by then the pain had escalated to the point of nausea and I had to eat anyway and clear the table and do dishes after (my one daily chore and contribution to this family) I had to take several breaks and it took me nearly two hours.
  13. Woke this morning surprised and grateful to be feeling nearly as good as yesterday before the second fall. Before I had lain down I had set up the window on my laptop for my Morning Pages (encouraged by my sister I'd recently decided to recommit to this exercise recommended by Julie Cameron in The Artist's Way) but when I lifted the lid upon waking my laptop and been hijacked once again by the latest 'security update' . I've talked here before about how this makes me feel. I mean really. Would we tolerate our automakers to send in their mechanics to our garages while we sleep to fix the latest oops they had discovered in their product? Keeping us from getting to work on time while they fiddled? Then why is it OK for software engineers to commandeer our main work tool during our office hours?

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8 tell me a story:

Anonymous,  9/10/2008 7:45 PM  

What a rough day! I hope tomorrow will be better.

Anonymous,  9/10/2008 7:52 PM  

Wow! I'm so very sorry to hear this. I hope you are completely on the mend!

SJ Reidhead 9/10/2008 8:09 PM  

You do stupid things like I do. Trust me, I've been there and done that. And - it hurts. The broken elbow still hurts - 3 years later.

The Pink Flamingo

bernieg1 9/10/2008 8:11 PM  

Gosh, I am sorry for your misfortune. My friend fell two weeks ago and she was fortunate not to be severely hurt, but she did go to the doctor then spend a couple days taking it easy.

My TT is up here.

Lori 9/10/2008 8:22 PM  

You poor thing....Ive had one of those days:) Happy TT. Smile...if you cant laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at???

Bonnie Jacobs 9/11/2008 1:59 AM  

Three things:

(1) MORNING PAGES ~ so worth doing!

(2) SECURITY UPDATE ~ we should rant more because it is NOT okay for software folks to commandeer our computers!

(3) BAD WEEK ~ I'm so sorry.

Anonymous,  9/11/2008 6:27 AM  

First of all: I'm really sorry that you had such a bad week :(
Second: Sorry, but I had to laugh at #11 - this could have perfectly happened to me just like that!

Anyway. happy TT and greets

Sassyfrazz 9/11/2008 9:00 AM  

Sounds like you had a rough coupld of days! Hopefully you are healing and feeling better!
I have my TT up to here

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