Thursday, September 04, 2008

Book Blurb: Hooked

Hooked: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions
by Matt Richtel
(c) 2007
Twelve an Imprint of Hachette Book Group USA
289p (Trade Paperback)

Nat Idle, a San Francisco writer with a medical degree, narrowly survives an explosion in an Internet café after a stranger hands him a note warning him to exit immediately. The handwriting on the note belongs to his deceased girlfriend, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist whom he has obsessively been mourning.
So begins HOOKED, a pop thriller for the Digital Age, written with the force and the pace of an intimate email dispatch you can't stop reading. Each chapter of this novel will keep readers hooked as Nat Idle searches for the love of his life in the midst of manipulation and conspiracy.
Just as previous generations were influenced by movies, today we are becoming hooked on Internet technology, which is changing the way we read, think, and dream. HOOKED vividly illustrates how technology is turning us into a national of addicts. It will make you rethink your relationship with your computer and your mobile phone.
Read an excerpt here.

As someone who sleeps beside her laptop which is connected via WIFI to the net and whose first act upon awaking is to lift the lid to see if there is anything new in her inbox and who feels bereft at those times it isn't there because her husband has borrowed it, I would have an obvious interest in a story whose theme posits that we are all becoming addicts of our electronic gizmos. Which is why I eagerly read the excerpt--the first chapter--available on the Hachette site before my review copy was sent to me and was hooked. Now I'm itching to pick up the book to finish the story but have a few pre-existing commitments to tend to first. And, yeah, the laptop and/or internet are involved in nearly all of them.

As announced in this post, this is the sixth of twelve Book Blurbs I plan to do for the review copies I received from Hachette books this month. There will also be more substantial book reviews for each of them as either Ed or I read them.

My husband, Ed, whose special interests are in programing, data base and website development, is currently reading Hooked and is going to provide a guest post review on Joystory soon.

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