Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #22

Sensing that I was beginning to be overwhelmed by a sense of loss, I thought it was past time I did an exercise in gratitude. I was prompted to do it by the gratitude that almost brought me to tears Wednesday evening when #11 happened.

Thirteen Things I am grateful for:

1. The foundation of a safe and secure childhood in a loving home.

2. Stories

3. That I still have enough vision to read.

4. The computer technology that augments my life in too many ways to count and the laptop that gives me the tool to indulge several of my passions--reading, writing, research, music, movies, games that challenge my mind....

5. The roof over my head and modern conveniences provided by electricity and plumbing (having done without one or the other or all three--from a few hours to a few weeks--on a number of occasions, I am extremely grateful for them)

6. The ability to experience wonder and joy.

7. The ability to experience empathy and compassion.

8. The freedom of conscience provided by our Constitution.

9. All of the libraries and their staffs whose services I've ever used.

10. A sense of humor.

11. That my husband met me at the entrance to the trailer park just after five Wednesday evening, as he was on his way home from work and I was on the way to the library, and took the book bag from me and sent me home where it was warm and then made the round trip in thirty-five minutes that would have taken me over sixty.

12. Extended family and everything they are to my life, including friendship, fellowship, and friction.

13. Language.

14. Oh, I meant to include the continuation of TT. Once I remembered, I couldn't bear to eliminate any of the above. So you get a bonus.

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