Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Loss on the Horizon

Our family, more specifically my husband's family, is bracing for the loss of his 92 year old Grandmother. She went back in the hospital in the wee hours of last Thursday morning during the snowstorm that dropped five inches on the valley floor and felled trees and knocked down powerlines. Her trek to emergency was not precipitated by any of that, it was just another of the more and more frequent attacks in which she can't get her breath. She was sent home from the hospital this afternoon on the hospice plan. There will be no more hospital visits. They consider her to be in endstage lung failure after years of fighting both asthma and emphysema. I thought I would post this quick announcement for those few of you who have been following her story as I've blogged occassionaly about sitting with her while my in-laws run errands or have an afternoon or a week-end rest or recreation. My father-in-law has been her primary caretaker for the past two years, moving in with her nearly eighteen months ago while I was up in Longview, WA attending my father's deathbed with my family.

Loss looms large in the picture of the last six years of my life. This is not a small one.

Prayers for our family are welcome.

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Elizabeth Bauterfly 3/04/2007 8:03 PM  

When I just first read the first line I though you said that grandma was gone and I was going to start to cry and get very mad at my dad for not telling me and then I just wanted to know how so i read the rest of the post and figured ot that she wasn't dead so I calmed down a bit but it scared me for a minute.


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