Monday, February 12, 2007

Taking Stock

While I was preparing my Thursday Thirteen post last Wedensday, I was realized that I had not posted betweeen Thursdays for several weeks and was determined to not let that happen again this week.  As always of late I am push hard against deadlines.  I have thirty minutes to get something posted or I won't have another chance until Wednesday afternoon.  I started composing a potential post in my head on the walk home from the library Friday and fully intended to get one done before I slept that night.  But I learned before dineer Friday evening that I would be spending Monday thru Wednesday with my husband's grandmother so my inlaws can go on ther vacation to the coast.  I was taken by surprise because they usually schedule their spring one for late March or early April but I guess my mother-in-law has learned they are going to be booked solid with a full house at the motel where she works through the next two months so she has to take her spring vacation now or not at all.

So I had to shift my expectations for the weekend.  Especially regarding the library due-dates for the coming week.  I would have to finish with the items due on Tuesday before Monday monring now.  PLus I would need to get laundry done, shampoo my hair, pack my bags, get my sleep schedule swung around from days back to nights again....

I got all of that done before I slept Sunday night.  Except for a handful of last minute things.  I accomplished this by not sleeping at all Saturday night.  But then I ended up with a headache all day Sunday coupled with an anxiety attack that had my heart racing and my chest feeling tight for a solid ten hours on Sunday.  This made it difficult to sleep even tho I hadn't slept since Saturday morning.

Several things have contributed to the lack of posting here in the last several weeks. The looming closing of our local library doors on April 6 is the principle one.  I am trying to get finished with a lot items I may not get a chance with again for who knows how long.  To make matters worse, I learned the last Friday of January that as of March !st all patrons would be limited to 30 items.  I typically carry over three times that many on my card.  I decided that weekend that the fastest way to bring down the total would be to have a movie marathon over the next week.  That would be an average of 2 hours per item.  Less than I anticipated for books.  Over the next ten days I watched forty movies.  I also had to finish up with books coming due over those days too.

Releasing books as they came due used to be easy as I could expect to send for them again in a monty or so If I wasn't done with them. Now, releasing them probably means months or even an indefinite hiatus with them.  And the projects they are related to...

As if I needed more trouble, that very weekend I came down with a virus--possibley the flu.  And I broke my reading glasses by packing them wrong in my laptop's bag and then tossing it into the back seat of the car as I was leaving Grandma's after spending the morning with her.  It was over five days before I got a replacement.  They wern't my perscription reading glasses.  Just those drugstore magnifying glasses.  I ruined my prescription reading glasses a year ago by wearing them on top of my head when not in use.  The lens were damaged by my hair gel.

So over this weekend besides getting ready to leave for half a week, I got nearly thirty items ready to go back to the library.  I watched seven movies and read two books cover to cover and prepared twenty-some more books for return by spending from thirty to sixty minutes per book getting what I could out of them and letting them go.  That was probably the primary source of the anxiety that I worked up yesterday.

Well, i gotts go get ready to leave now.  Will be working on a post about my stay with grandma while I am gone.  No access to the internet until I get back.  I am going to have serious withdrawal....

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Jamie 2/14/2007 1:05 AM  

It is too bad that you are losing the library, disaster seems to hit you when you least expect. I got some news about something important to me this morning that caused me to take some stock in things myself. I enjoyed talking to you the other night about those 40 movies you watched. I love you, keep your head up, and have a good few days....

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