Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Was So Bummed...But Now Hope Springs

When I went to the Thursday Thirteen meme hub just after midnight Thursday morning after spending over six hours preparing my TT on supporting the troops and learned that the creator and hostess of the meme was closing it down and that this was the final edition, I was so bummed. It felt like one more thing that was special or meaningful to me was being taken away. Like our library system planning to close its doors due to lack of funding April 6.

I instantly tied my emotional reaction to the loss of TT to the immenent loss of the libary which has obsessed me since I learned of it in early December. I mean, I really don't need any more losses right now. But I was surprised at how strongly I felt about losing TT. At first I thought it was just that it was one more loss to add to the list of recent losses. Relative to loosing my Dad in September 05 this seemed like a trivial loss. But then why was I hit so hard by it? I have spent quite a bit of time contemplating that over the last 48 hours. I think that it is the loss of the sense of community that developed as week by week I would visit other TT and get visits in return. I 'met' a lot of interesting fellow bloggers. I found insight, chuckles when I most needed them, uplift, helpful information on their blogs and the comments left on my TT encouraged me.

TT served to improve my stats, it kept me motivated to post at least that one time each week even as other posting dropped off as my focus turned to the dozens of library items (books and DVDs mostly) I needed to tend to as D-day approached, it became a kind of discipline, it lifted my mood, it forced me to overcome my shyness and de-lurk as commenting was a req and now I've started to find it easier to leave comments impulsively unrelated to TT.

Well, last evening I set to making the obligatory return visits to the commentors on my TT and getting their links posted to the front page. And on one of the last of those I read in someone else's comment that the word on the meme hub was that TT was under new ownership. I went and checked it out and appears to be true. Other than the title of the post, there is no info, just the message to stay tuned.

Now, if only the library system can find the funds to stay open before April 6. I might start believing in miracles again!

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Elizabeth Bauterfly 2/25/2007 8:54 AM  

Hey You said in the end that you might belive in miricles again if the librarys open. you have to belive in Miricles or you have no hope and in the back of your mind you will always believe in miricle no matter what because you know that your a miricle for me and that you have had miricles in your life.


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