Monday, March 05, 2007

The Challenge

I was bemoaning the fact over the weekend that my stats for February dropped precipitously from those for January which was record-breaking for me having been more than tripple an average month. I knew exactly what was to blame. The frequency of my posts had also precipitously dropped as my attention became more intensely focused on the library books and movies I was hoping to cram into the last two months of library service. My blog is not the only thing getting neglected. So is my health, my daily chores, my writing, my husband.... In fact almost anything you can think of that is in a normal person's daily life. But all of that is fodder for other post topics not the one I set out to write about five mintues ago.

So I was complaining to my husband about my stats and the fact that I had been learning a lot about what I needed to do to promote my site from the very books that I was racing to finish and also getting ideas from all the blogs I visit for Thursday Thirteen. But that I had no time to implement any of it until after April 6. I knew that his response would include the fact that without content there is nothing to promote. But then he surprised me by offering to take on the promoting tasks for me and then startled me by adding that he could double the 7300 odd unique visitors (which has taken me two and a half years to accumulate) in one week.

Then while my jaw was still on the porch floor he added: But only if you post at least five time in the next week.

After some minutes of discussion for clarification we set the deadline for 'before he gets up Saturday morning' and I accepted.

One down.

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