Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24

This is continued from last week. Next week will be the thirteen research projects related to my fiction works in progress.

For those of you curious about the reasons for the library closure, I finally posted an explanation last weekend. Sort of. Because it isn't the piece I intended to write based on my own research. But there is a link to the San Francisco Chronicle article for which I was one of about a dozen library patrons interviewed three weeks ago. See Southern Oregon Library Closure. Or you could just scroll down if you are on the front page and it hasn't dropped off yet.

Thirteen Research Projects Which Will Be Impacted By the Impending Library Closure
Part 2: Specific Topics In Support of Essay Thesis or Tangible Goal

1. Movies. Lots and lots of movies from every era of film, including drama and documentaries. The goal is to fill in a gaping culture gap. Can you believe I never saw Casablanca until a couple months ago? And I have yet to see an uncut, in color version of The Wizard of Oz? My memories of it are of the winter I was nine and the three of us kids were all sick with chickenpox, then mumps and then German Measles and thus for months could not attend Bible Study Meetings. We watched it on a black and white TV with rabbit ear reception.

2. Filmography. The availability of commentaries and other extras on DVDs has got me interested in how movies are made. It is storytelling after all. I believe the intense viewing of movies over the past year has garnered a lot of insight into the art of storytelling.

3. A formal study of poetic forms. I haven't studied this since high-school. I write free verse. But I would like to learn the rules and rhetoric of everything from haiku to iambic pentameter so I can at least read it, with better appreciation.

4. Design. For two purposes: Designing fine needlework projects and designing the elements of web page layouts.

5. Needlecraft: needlepoint, embroidery, cross stitch. Especially the aspect of turning the stitched project into the finished product--the book cover, the pillow, the wall hanging...

6. Small Business how to.

7. Journalism and the Media.

8. Health and Fitness.

9. Let's not forget Fiction reading. Keeping caught up on all my old favs and discovering new authors is part of any aspiring author's job. It is also my joy.

10. Mind/Body studies. Including Psychoneuroimmunology.

11. Christian Fundamentalism. Because of my history obviously but I'm especially concerned about those who have gained considerable political power whose stated goals are to reform America into a theocracy.

12. Evolution vs. Creation controversy.

13. Bible. History of the cannon, translations, and textual criticism. With special attention to the history of the Scofield Reference Bible, which was the one I was raised on and whose underlying premises I no longer hold to.

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