Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hope This Works

Just downloaded a new  toy.  It's a WYSIWYG blog post platform that allows you to write and edit your posts and then publish them to your blog.  What I like about it--if it lives up to its promises that is--is the extra formatting options, including inserting pics and videos while allowing text wrap, strike thru characters and font color.  I especially like having the spell-check--at least if it works, I haven't tried it yet--because I have been unable to use the spell check in blogger without loosing the post I'm trying to spell check.  So I've almost always had to draft my posts in my word processor and then copy/paste them into the blogger platform where they then loose half or more of their formatting which I then have to redo.  This is such a hassle at times it makes me think twice, thrice and plus each time I consider posting about something.  I can't tell you how many post drafts I've got in word processor files that never got posted because I balked at the need to redo the paragraphing, italics, bold and underline.  Forget spontaneity!

So, I just tried out the spell check and it worked like a charm.

I feel right now like a tuckered kitten who is all played out, having gotten herself all tangled up in a ball of yarn--an endless string that loops and criss-crosses and weaves a web that enchants and lures.  Yes, I'm speaking about the web.  Ever since I got my dream-come-true--broadband with WIFI so that I can work any hour of the day or night from any room of the house or even the porch or yard--I've online every spare moment and then some.  Even In my dreams I continue to click the links.

So many times, I've been moved to blog about things I've encountered on the way but just hated to take the time to do it right and couldn't bear to throw a sloppy post out there.  I mean, I am a terrible speller.  Really terrible. A terrible speller with bad eyes and a compulsion to write coupled with a perfectionism that is equally compulsive--not a fix I'd wish to hex a fiend with let alone a friend.

Well, if this works, maybe I will be encouraged to post more often. Maybe even on a whim.

If you are reading this, that means it worked.  So I guess I better name the application and link to it:

Windows Live Writer

It is free!  At least it was for me.  I can't seem to verify that it is free for everybody and not just for an MSN member.  It claims to be compatible with several of the blogging platforms, including Blogger, Word Press and Live Spaces.  It appears to be able to switch from one platform to another for those intrepid bloggers with multiple blogs.

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