Sunday, December 05, 2004

Senile Supreme?

Is Scalia senile? That seems to be the most generous interpretation of this. Else I would have to believe he is a completely Machiavellian manipulator. I hope his audience knew their history--there own story--better than he pretends to. Surely, even in America, an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue audience would not be taken in by this scabrous gloss on history less than a century behind us, history Scalia himself lived through in his own youth. Surely memory is not so fragile as that in an information-rich, high-tech civilization?

But as long as some remember, or at least trouble to inform themselves, there is hope. At least as long as we are allowed to tell the story and as long as enough of the primary sources exist and continue to remain accessible. When the primary sources are lost (including eyewitnesses lost to time’s inevitable creep) or locked away, the memory hole is deep and the dark ages long.

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