Sunday, December 12, 2004

Guarantee the Right to Vote

Guarantee the Right to Vote:
John Nichols encourages all who care about the right to vote to get behind the list of suggested reforms to our voting system presented by the group Progressive Democrats of America:

'--A Constitutional amendment confirming the right to vote.
---A required paper record for all electronic and electronically tabulated voting systems.
---Same-day registration for all Americans.
---The creation of unified federal standards for national elections.
---Meaningful equal protection of voting rights by such means as equal voting systems, equal numbers of machines, and equal time to vote.
---An end to partisan oversight of the electoral process.
---Extended voting periods to allow all voters a meaningful opportunity to vote.
---Instant Run-off Voting and Proportional Representation.
---Publicly financed elections for federal offices.'

This should be a bi-partisan activist agenda. It can only be to the benefit of all
concerned that the process be accountable and guaranteed to be fair and just. The article also presents the proposed amendment to the constitution proposed by US Rep Jesse Jackson Jr. D-Illinois which is worth a serious look.

This is all especially important in light of the allegations of fraud in the last two presidential elections. See Professor Theodore D. Graves explanation of the evidence.

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