Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Price of Fear Is Paid in Lost Freedom

The Price of Fear Is Paid in Lost Freedom
And in another good follow-up Joel Agee talks about the difference between fear and danger. And about the ease with which we are giving up our rights to assuage our fear. And about how today’s America is beginning to look and feel a lot like the Soviet Russia he was raised in. Not only does he raise some of the issues I am most concerned with, he has a literary voice with which to do so. He also has a new book out. In the House of My Fear. In this essay, Joel Agee explains better than I can just what the significance of incidents like the one in my previous post--10 year old children handcuffed for possession of school project implements suddenly labeled and treated as weapons. When would that kind of re-labeling stop? After all there are a great many everyday items that could double as weapons. One could put out someone’s eye or impale their brain with a Barbie Doll’s foot! Strangle someone with a shoelace. Who gets to make the lists. And who decides when or if or how we are notified an item has been made verboten?

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