Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Delusional Is No Longer Marginal

Bill Moyers, in a speech as he accepts Harvard Medical's Global Environment Citizen award, sounds the alarm for journalists about the unique challenges in covering enviromental issues in an era when more than half of the Legislators, Most of the Executive administration and nearly two thirds of the voters who put them in office, believe that the destruction of the enviroment is a prophesied precursor to the return of Christ and that it is their mandate to 'bring it on' so that the rapture of the righteous can commence and the rest can be judged with pestilence, quakes, famine, draught, storms, plague and war until the earth and all its oceans are all but lifeless. And then God will restore the Earth with a wink and blink to the condition of Eden for the 1000 year reign of his Son. How does one move their reader's to act on behalf of the enviroment when they tend to believe it is already a foregone conclusion, and anyway they and theirs are not subject to the repercussions for of course they are among the righteous to be rescued before it gets too nasty?

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