Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Serenity #399

Hearted Bible fliker

I went to church with my sister this morning.  It was more for her pleasure than mine.  Though I did want to see the inside of the place so I could at least picture things she is talking about.

I don't like strange places.
I don't like crowds.
Especially crowds of strangers.
I don't like noise and flickering light and shadow.
I don't care for sermons anymore either.

The praise music was kinda nice.  Tho amplified electronic guitar was a bit loud for the small space.

But the biggest angst of all was that attached to my "divorce" from the church of my childhood in the early '90s. In spite of it being so different at Carri's church there were still many triggers of anxious memories and sad longing for that simple time when I thought an illusion was real.

Long story that doesn't belong here.  The gist is, that tho I've not given up Jesus I've given up preachers and dogma and anything smacking of Fundamentalism.

One good thing that came of attending today was the reminder of how much I love the Bible.  Still.  And always will.

Watching my sister follow along on her iPad reminded me I still hadn't loaded a Bible onto either of my Android devices.  An oversight needing to be addressed soon.

If nothing else I need it for writing scenes in my Fruits of the Spirit storyworld featuring Inny (Innocence) Workman Fairchild who, ever since waking from a coma speaks only in KJV verses.  It took those around him a long time to realize the things he said were meaningful in the context of what was happening.

The funnest scenes to write are the ones that pit Inny against Estelle who speaks only Shakespeare. Mmm, I probably need to find a complete Shakespeare to load onto my Nexus too.

So I spent the afternoon looking for a KJV ap for my Nexus.  Ended up with an Amplified Bible ap instead.  Tho I'm still going to look for a KJV.  The Amplified is a reference resource.

I chose the one I installed based on the screenshots--see all the blue?  But what I got was a lot of ugly olive green.  I'm probably going to look for a different one. One with a pleasing look and more features.

Even more than the colors I'm frustrated by the need to return to the book menu to get to the next chapter.

It would also be nice to have a search function for when I have a partial phrase or a word but can't remember any part of its address.

[This is one of the posts going up retroactively after the weeks long unintended hiatus that began the week after July 4th.  See She's Back for more detailed explanation.]

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