Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Serenity #396 - Sister Zen Time

Looking left at the bridge from or spot on the low stone wall

To alleviate my cabin fever and compensate a bit for my having missed the Go Forth celebration on Friday, this afternoon my sister took me over to Lake Sacajawea to walk the path for a ways and then  cross the bridge over to Zen Island* and sit and visit for over an hour.

I'd never been on Zen Island before.  It was developed on the tiny island at the north end of the lake and the bridge put in after Ed and I moved to Silicon Valley, California in 1999.  It is landscaped like Japanese gardens.  Few if any flowers but very manicured grass, hedges, small trees and green ground covering plants along curving gravel paths.

Its the very definition of serenity.

I love this lake and have many fond memories of it from toddler-hood forward.  I wish I could get over there more often.  Zen Island is at the end of the lake nearest Mom's house.  It would be easy walking distance for me now if I trusted myself to manage crossing the railroad track and four-lane Ocean Beach Highway to get to the path and to keep my eyes on the edge of the path instead of the glorious view.

Looking straight ahead (southish) from my seat on the stone wall.

*I'm not sure if Zen Island is its official name or just a local nickname.

[This is one of the posts going up retroactively after the weeks long unintended hiatus that began the week after July 4th.  See She's Back for more detailed explanation.]

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