Monday, April 21, 2014

Workstation Wazillion and Won

Computer Station on left arm.
I'm standing a pace in front of closet.
That mini-pillow on the printer is the heating pad I've been using on my neck since Thursday. It's full of a microwaveable grain.
 The last rendition of my workstation lasted over a month but I kept putting off getting pictures as I continued to tweak minor things.  Heavy use resulted in heavy clutter which is a sign it isn't working all that well.  But the more than six weeks it was mostly the same was a record.

Before today's whirligig of boxes and books and electronics and other thises and thats, the computer was on the other white board which had me facing the window while looking at the screen.  This worked OK as long as the sky was mostly grey or pre-dawn but the sunny days have begun to outnumber the grey days and pre-dawn is no longer pre 7:30am but close to two hours earlier.

When I sat down to start working on my Monday post soon after stepping off the tramp around 8:30am, the window light was already significant and I was fighting the glare.  The visor I'd taken to wearing the last several weeks was not sufficient protection.  Then there was the inevitable gazing up over the screen to think which ruined my eyes or the screen for several minutes after looking away again.

Those sudden shots of bright light in my eyes were also painful.  Like Lilliputian spears.

I am going to miss watching the trees in the breeze and the shifting shadows.  Birds and butterflies.  Rain.

Write/Read/Research/Craft Station on right arm.
I'm standing against closed door.
 At the same time I also realized I had nothing bookish to report for IMWAYR? so it was pointless to post thus I needed another concept.

I decided to rearrange to solve the window light issue and get pics for a post.

I thought I could get the rearrange done before lunch at least but I didn't.  I was taking the pics as I was called to dinner.  I went out to kitchen but decided to read to Mom while she ate and bring my dinner back here to eat while working on post.

Now I'm out of time.  Need to take my Trazadone and get into bed.

Tomorrow is my on duty day as my sister leaves the house at lunchtime on Tuesdays and doesn't return until after midnight.

Below Decks Storage
Still standing in front of door
Merlin is constantly commandeering my chair the moment I lift my butt out.

My three drawer-carts have not yet become the awesome organizing tool I'd envisioned when collecting them.  Instead I now have 42 junk drawers as for over a month I've been clearing clutter off my desk area by shoving it willynilly into the nearest empty drawer.

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