Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Serenity #384

This weekend I've accomplished something that's been hanging over me for months and creating uncountable inconveniences every day.  I've completed the 'first draft' of organizing all of my HABA and clothing. Huge!  So huge!

By rough draft I mean the establishment of homes for each type of thing.  And putting them there.  Each of those 'homes' still need to be organized--socks paired, scarves folded and sorted by color, shoes paired and placed, accessories sorted,  folding clothes folded and so forth.

But one thing is not a rough draft.  The closet for hanging clothes is close to how I pictured it.

One of the things making it hard to face hanging up hanging clothes was how crowded the closet was.  Jam-packed barely touches it.

I increased the space from between a third to a half again by hanging hangers off the neck of hangers two or three deep.  Thus three slacks or T-shirts take little more space than one.

The homes on the wall on my side of the bed in Mom's room.
Left tower top to bottom: empty decorative boxes ready in case needed, striped box containing outfit accents miscellany; 2nd level--socks, scarves for outfit accents; 3rd level--slacks that stack without wrinkling; 4th level--shoes.  Right tower: Top level: 2 shallow turquoise boxes for 2GO stuff aka things to grab or stick in purse when on the way out the door because my purses/bags are outfit accents or purposed for the activity; 2nd level--2 deep turquoise boxes--lingerie; 3rd level sweaters and sweatshirts.

As I look at this picture and describe it I can I was thinking in terms of keeping the turquoise box set all together when I should have been thinking about purpose of items.  I think I need to switch the socks with the 2GO boxes.  Considering what is to my left as I took that picture its not a maybe:

Hair accessories, jewelry, perfumes, lotions, nail care, powder and deodorant.  Pretty much another 2GO station tho I've begun to use it on stay-at-home days in the last few weeks.

Getting this project to this stage of completion has put my mood on an escalator to the moon.  In the fifteen months I've been at Mom's my HABA and clothes have never been this organized or this productivity enhancing.

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