Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Turning Up the Heat Under My Feet

The space heater got to make
to give this this Dark and Early
Early Bird  compensation
for abandoning cozy warm bed
before 6am
I'm under orders on a mission to be in bed by 9pm regardless of whether I'm posted or not.  Ed suggested rather sternly that it was unacceptable to have pulled two all nighters inside of 4 days and thus meds and bed by 9 must be my highest priority tonight.

Yeah after reporting on my highly successful first week under Ed's  time-management coaching I immediately fell off all the wagons I'd climbed on.

It's like a domino effect.  One thing falls and starts a chain reaction and soon everything around me is crashing.  Including my mood, energy, motivation, IQ....

Well that's all she wrote tonight.  Got 25 minutes...

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