Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weekly Geek

I learned about this new meme while preparing the post about the Read-a-thon on Tuesday. It is also hosted by Dewey. I was drawn to it because I thought it might help me apply boot to butt on a number of projects I've been procrastinating on re blogging. And it could help me tip the balance back toward books and reading here at Joystory where the emphasis on writing since last summer has about taken over. Not that I want to lessen that emphasis but writers MUST read too. It is of equal importance to writing as a regular practice and discipline.

I was also wary of taking on a fifth meme. On the other hand this one is a free floater; not attached to any particular day of the week. The assignment is given on Saturday and you have through Friday to post and leave your link with Dewey. That is a plus because I am often scrambling for ideas for posts on the non-meme days. Yet another plus is that you can still participate even if you don't get around to the assignment. You can just make your post about that.

One of the attractions this week was that the assignment was fairly easy. Or at least could be as easy or as complex as you wanted to make it. Now last week was a different story. If I had stumbled on this in the middle of last week and found the assignment to 'catch up on reviews' late Tuesday with TT looming on the horizon and no snippet ready, I wouldn't have given two minutes consideration to getting involved then though I would have made a note to check back on Saturday. A note that would have to take its chances with the bazillion other 'notes to self' floating around my head and hard-drive and workstation.

This week's assignment was to post photos. There was a number of suggestions to elaborate on that theme but the basic premise was to illustrate your post with photos. It seemed to be implied that you were to take the photos yourself but surely Dewey didn't mean to bar participation to those without digital cameras! I am confident of this based on the experience of last October's Read-a-thon--the rules are relaxed and inclusive to make increased participation the overriding rule. It's too late to check with Dewey to confirm my assumption.

Oh well, if nothing else this is at least a post about why I didn't do the exact assignment and might still appeal to the typical participants: mostly book bloggers tho blogs with other themes are not discouraged from joining in. (see? inclusive!)

It is not that I don't have a digital camera. It is just that I didn't get around to taking new pictures and now it is too late as the household is sleeping. Ed is just inches from my elbow as I type this. I thought about 'borrowing' pictures of our library from the two TT posts devoted to the before and the after moving from the temp building to the new building last winter. But that didn't appeal. It's old news.

I have to get back to work on my snippet for tomorrow's Friday Snippet post as soon as I get tonight's post finished so I was about to give up on participating in Weekly Geek this week. I set about to put up a quick humor post with LOL cats because I'd seen one on Ann's TT from last week that cracked me up. I went to Ann's to find it and trace it back to its homepage to get its embed code. While there of course it was impossible to resist clicking 'next' a few times to see more. And then I found one on a book theme and at the same moment realized that the one I came hunting for was on a geek theme and thought: why not? But I didn't like the caption on the book one so much. So I re-captioned it.

more cat pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Hope you got a chuckle or two.

Check out Dewey's WG post for this week. She took pictures of and described several of the Bookmooch Journals she has created. I'd never even heard of the concept before. It is fascinating. Do take a look. Dewey is one creative lady.

Kathrine at A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore posted pictures of her own bookshelves. I can never see too many pictures of books and bookshelves full of books.

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