Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekly Geek #8: Scavenger Hunt

This week it is a scavenger hunt. This is WG #8. Although it is only my second time participating, I used the edition number in my title and will in future as I think that will be less confusing over time.

For details see Dewey's post. The short explanation is that we are to hunt 50 keywords in the blogs of WG participants. Two ways to find participants are suggested in Dewey's post.

There is a prize for whoever finds the most keywords in the most blogs.

We are to list the keywords we find along with the link to the post we found it in. Being the eternal optimist, I'm going to paste the entire keyword list in this post and add the links as I find them throughout the week.

The Keyword list:

1. THE PRIZE is a subscription to Bookmarks magazines. Also the winner will be featured in Weekly Geeks #10--Dewey's Hidden Side of a Leaf

2. youtube--Cara's Online Book Club
3. war--Katrina's Reads
4. Sunday Salon--Blue Archipelago
5. Buy a Friend a Book--
6. BTT (or Booking Through Thursday)--Mog's Book Blog ~ Maree's just add books
7. omnibus--
8. Speculative fiction--Stuff As Dreams Are Made On
9. Short stories--Katrina's Reads
10. Ani Difranco (or just Ani)--
11. Printz--
12. Man Booker Prize (or just Booker)--
13. Newbery--
14. Mother Talk--
15. interview--Literary Escapism
16. history--A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore
17. glbt (or any other arrangement of those letters, or with a q in there)--
18. fantasy--
19. film--Biblio Brat
20. giraffe--
21. biography--Melody's Readig Corner
22. Geraldine Brooks--Chain-Reading
23. graphic novels--Out of the Blue ~ nothing of importance ~ Age 30 - A Year of Books
24. classics--nothing of importance
25. faerie--Melissa's Book Nut
26. Amelie--Out of the Blue
27. doo doo doo--
28. 24 Hour Read-a-thon--Confuzzled Books ~ Nymeth's things mean a lot
29. etsy--Chris' book-a-rama
30. poetry--Katrina Read's
31. Bookmooch--MYSTERIES in PARADISE
33. R.E.M.--
34. Bookworms Carnival--Maree's just add books ~ Adventures in Reading
35. library--Bybee's Naked Without Books! ~ Melissa's Book Nut
36. Lost (must refer to the TV series)--
37. Six Feet Under--
39. hedgehog--
40. pregnant--Melody announce she is expecting a baby girl tho she doesn't use the word pregnant.
41. nosebleed (or nose bleed)--
42. 42 (No, that’s not a mistake; number 42 is to find the digit 42.)--nothing of importance
43. herding cats--
44. Django Reinhardt--
45. A.S. Byatt--Stuff As Dreams Are Made On
46. Homer--
(The next three are suggestions from my son.)
47. ROFL--
48. cheezburger (must be spelled with Z!)--Chris' book-a-rama
49. d20--

50.-?: Each participant gets to put one keyword in the comments, so keep coming back to check on them if you’re trying for the prize!


Well I don't feel so off the wall now, Tiny Librarian had the same idea to post the whole list and add the links as she finds them.

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