Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #91

I'm stocking up on short fiction for the Read-a-thon on June 28. These are just a few that I have on the shelf right now. The last two are loaned by my niece, the rest are library books. There are more on the way from the library so I may not resist the temptation overcoming me as I handle the books while making this list to go ahead and start one.

Ummm. It is not that I expect to read thirteen or more books in 24 hours. I just like choices. Besides, I feel a fiction binge coming on. And since I struggled so hard with a long, complex novel recently I am going to treat myself to stories I can read in a day or two for awhile and the day of the Read-a-thon I am dedicating to fiction.



13 Short Novels in My Read-a-thon Pool

1. Keeper and Kid by Edward Hardy--294p
2. The Dangerous Age by Annette Williams Jaffee--171p
3. The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk--161p Recent Nobel Prize for Lit winner.
4. Missing Sisters by Gregory Maguire--151p A children's chapter book by the author of Wicked and Son of a Witch
5. Mr. Spaceman by Robert Olen Butler--223
6. Pay it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde--288p Yes, the movie starring Haley Joel Osment was based on this novel.
7. Earthquake Weather by Catherine Ryan Hyde--230p
8. Incantation by Alice Hoffman--166p
9. Foretelling by Alice Hoffman--167p
10. The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman--211p
11. Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman--244p The book came before the movie! This will be a re-read for me which is quite rare for me and I may not actually re-read it. I think I was bit by nostalgia for the enchantment of the first reading when I sent for it.
12. Seven Tears Into the Sea by Terri Farley--279p Loaned to me by my 14 year old niece who has been begging me to read it for over a year.
13. Impulse by Elen Hopkins--666p A novel in verse. Also loaned to me by my niece about a year ago. And like The Historian, I started it once last fall and got distracted. Thanks to my niece I've read two other of Hopkins' verse novels: Crank and Burned. See my post about Hopkins' work here.

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