Monday, January 10, 2005

Storytelling as empowerment, healing & validation

I was quite moved to see this comment in an article about the aftermath of the tsunami shortly after I wrote my recent post Losing All to the Abyss:

People here need to talk; they want to share their personal stories

I felt connected in common humanity with the victims of the tsunami even more than before, for I understand on a very deep level how important being able to tell your story is. I wish I knew of a way to apply my peculiar passion for story to help them out in this way. But I doubt very much that listening and telling stories is on the agenda of any aid agencies right now. It probably seems there are so many more pressing necessities. But if they were to understand that it is often the intimate detail of a personal story that can motivate others to contribute aid maybe they would consider begininng such a project.

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