Monday, January 03, 2005

Proud To Be Heartless

Might the Tsunami put Free Market ideology on trial and reveal it for the cold-hearted bitch in heat that it always has been? That the Invisible Hand of Adam Smith fame is neither magic nor divine? That its premises are not only godless but devoid of the spirit of humanity as well? That when Profit is King all his subjects are slaves? Consider the implications of the thesis presented in the email widely distributed by the Ayn Rand Institute revealed in this article by Matthew Rothschild and then wonder if this stark rendering of the Free Market thesis in the face of a tragedy that has awakened the hearts of the world could be the seed of its own undoing, creating a backlash of repudiation for this ‘proud to be heartless’ coalition of the coercers. Thus is the empty heart of ‘conservative compassion’ laid bare.

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