Monday, June 08, 2020

Who Am I Without You?

Who Am I Without You?

You held up the mirror I saw myself in,
Then you flung it into the sky with a spin.
Now I don't know where I am.

The light in your eyes when you gazed upon me
Kept my heart beating true only for you.
Then you closed your eyes

And now I can't see.

The light in my eyes when I gazed upon you
Was the fire in which your power grew.
Until I saw you true.

You saw that I knew when my eye-light dimmed
And you turned away with a cruel whim.
And my world caved in.

You saw my dismay and turned away,
Crawling inside the cave of your mind.  Your way
Of saying "My way or the highway"

I named my pain.  You called me insane.
I make out you're wrong
You make me gone.

How can I be when you won't see me?

The only way back is to agree with you.
A path I've traced more times than a few.
But now I'm new.

This time the pain was a fire that burned
Away all my yearning for your return.
It scorched the path back.  A Lesson now learned.

Now I am free to look for me
In the wind blowing across the deep blue sea,
In the rain trickling down to the deepest roots of the tallest trees,
In the snow atop the mountain peaks,
In the waves that crash against rocks on the beach.
In the sun that shows its face to me
whether or not I agree to agree.

These are the mirrors God holds up
To show me just how He sees me:
Persistent and Brave,
Resilient and Deep,
Rooted and Giving,
Creative and Wild,
Resolute and Strong.

With His gaze he bestows His grace on me
Like a never setting sun on a gentle breeze.
And through His eyes I see my true Me..

You are lost to me
But I am found.

(for the backstory see these two poems in this order: Piles of Painted Echoes and My Heart is the Lake of Fire)

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