Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things about the past week
(this is more story than list for which you can thank my NaNoWriMo trained fingers)

1. NaNoWriMo ended last Thursday at midnight and I rewarded myself by watching four Gray's Anatomy episodes in a row on Followed by two Ugly Betty episodes. The beginning of the story binge I'd been promising myself.

2. On Friday, I finished the short novel, Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote and read the three short-stories bundled with it.

3. Having encountered other TTs last week who confessed to addictions to the game Zuma, I had to try it out. Played fifteen games between Friday and Sunday morning. I can see why it would be addictive but it is too frustrating for me with my RP as the field of play is too large and I often can't differentiate between two similar colors--like yellow and gold or green and aqua.

4. Saturday was my 28th wedding anniversary but we didn't do anything special as my husband had to work and didn't get home until after nine. Tis that season. Began the novel, Slaughter-house Five by Kurt Vonnegut Saturday evening.

5. Sunday was to be the last day off for my husband until the Sunday before Christmas and I planned to spend it with him even if I had to give up sleep to do so. But he came home sick Saturday night and tho he got up at his usual pre-dawn hour, by eight o'clock he was crawling back in bed. I sat on the edge of the bed playing Zuma until I got sleepy. I was just drifting off about eleven when the phone rang. My husband recognized my sister's voice on the answering machine and went to try to catch her before she hung up. She and her son and my mother were about five miles from the Phoenix exit on their return to Longview, Washington from Gerber, California--delayed nearly a week by the snow and fog in the passes. I hadn't seen them since we had gone to my Mom's twin sister's funeral the week after Thanksgiving last year. We visited until after four when they hit the road again

6. I slept from eight Sunday night until four Monday morning and woke with a raging sore throat. I had the virus my husband brought home from work. Tis the season. I watched the DVD Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, after my husband left for work. It was among the items due at the library Monday. As was Slaughter-house Five which I was only half finished with.

7. Sat with my husband's grandmother Monday afternoon while my in-laws went grocery shopping for both households. My mother-in-law dropped me off at the library on the way home and waited for me to check out. The librarians were dressed as if ready for the ski lifts. The library's heater and given up the ghost. They were on the phone calling patrons with reservations on the computers that evening to let them know they were closing early

8. I hung on to Slaughter-house Five, hoping to finish it before morning so I could drop it off on the way back over to grandma's house, but I got caught up in the news reports of the Kim family that had been missing and feared stuck in the snow on the bad roads between Grant's Pass and Gold Beach just north of us. The same area another family had been lost last winter. I was hoping the Kim family's story would end as happily as that one and it seemed to be heading that way when news of the rescue of the mother and two young girls broke Monday afternoon. But the father was still missing, having attempted to walk out for help over the weekend.

9. Sat with grandma again Tuesday morning. Had not finished Slaughter-house Five in time to return it on the way over. Hoped to finish it in time to return it on the way home but still had about fifty pages to go when the time came. My mother-in-law suggested she drop me off and come back for me in an hour and a half. She had driven off before I remembered the broken heater. The sign on the door said Emergency Closure. Although chilly, it was blue-sky sunny and I was bundled warm so I sat on the raised brick flower-bed box next to the drop box and read.until my mother-in-law returned. She was five minutes early and I had two pages left. She waited for me.

10. Tuesday evening I again followed the story of the Kim family. It was not looking hopeful for the still missing father, James Kim. I wanted to cry for his wife and baby girls. I was too caught up in this local story to start another novel or movie or online TV episode or play games. At any rate my cold symptoms were escalating to the point my eyes weren't working very well. I was ready to have the light out when my husband was at eight.

11. Woke with my husband at four Wednesday morning and fixed coffee for us but had to go back to bed before he left for work. I slept until two in the afternoon. Discovered upon waking that James Kim's body had been found at noon. So sad.

12. Began the novel Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce Wednesday evening but read fewer than ten pages before fatigue overcame my eyes. Once again, I slept the same hours as my husband.

13. Woke with my husband at four Thursday morning and sat with him over coffee. As he checked his email and played Bejeweled 2 online, I started reading Trickster's Choice. I kept on reading after he left for work shortly after six and, interrupted only by a pesky cough, was still reading at nine when I suddenly remember TT...

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K T Cat 12/07/2006 6:05 PM  

Zuma? I may have to try it. I've read a lot of Vonnegut, but after a while I got tired of his tone. I don't know why.

My TT is up.

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