Saturday, July 15, 2006

When Library Due Dates Rule

Just dropping in as I have about five minutes before I have to get offline and go pack my bags for my Saturday overnight with Grandma. I'm writing this directly in the Blogger platform so you'll have to forgive typos and misspellings. Combonations of the heat, the exertion of the trek to the library in 95 degrees and spending time with books and movies due Friday, made getting a serious post prepared impossible. I am holding hanging onto one book and several movies that were due Friday over the weekend. When items are from one of the branches that are not open on Saturday I can get away with keeping them until Monday morning. The problem with this is that then I feel obligated to devote as much time as possible to them. Another problem is that the books due the following Friday don't start getting their turn until Monday afternoon. I feel like Im on a treadmill to nowhere. Another problem is that finishing up with a book or movie just hours before it has to go back leave no time to do a review of it.

Another issue affecting me is the situation in the Middle East. But that is a can of worms I can barely stand to contemplate. With my fundamentalist background it pushes all kinds of buttons. My heart is breaking for our world.

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Anonymous,  7/19/2006 9:14 PM  

I feel for you with those library due dates! I, too, have returned books on Monday morning just before work, knowing that I can get away with it. ;-)

Oh, and the other day I had THREE books available at once from my library. Two were ones I ordered several months ago, and the library bought them at my request; they had finally come in, and were held for me. The third was one I had reserved. Not only did they all three come available at the same day, but since they were all brand new, I could keep each for a week. Now, I read fast, but even I am not that fast, so I returned one right away and kept the other two. It was heartbreaking, really.

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