Saturday, July 22, 2006

Clothed in a Cloud

The heat is all encompassing. I can’t think coherently so I resist trying to write. Even reading is a chore. So I’ve taken to watching hour after hour of DVDs. I’m also coming down with a cold. As if I needed that!

Here in the Rogue Valley we were ‘spared’ the brunt of the high temps the rest of Oregon and most of Washington got yesterday. We were ‘gifted’ with a cloud cover that kept our temps ten to fifteen degrees below the higher ones recorded Friday. But it was only better if you consider it better to have to wear a wet wool coat while breathing a steamy mixture of human and auto exhalations. Walking out in it, I was instantly wet as though slipping the cloud on like a garment.

My husband and I ate ice cream for dinner last night. It was the only thing that appealed.

It was still over eighty indoors after my mother-in-law went to bed and the heat combined with sleep depravation to discourage me from trying to have a work session last night. There was also the necessity of having to do laundry and since there are no races tonight I won’t be spending the night with Grandma so I decided to get up and do laundry while trying to catch up on my online reading during the cooler hours of the morning. I am hoping to have the last load out of the dryer by noon. It just went in the washer at shortly after ten.

The cloud cover is burning off and it is already in the mid eighties outside. It is almost ninety indoors and the humidity is still high in here because of running the washer and dryer. I also still need to wash up yesterday’s dishes. Ugh! I forgot about them when I decided to go to bed instead of go online last night. So I’m going to have to cut my time online short and get busy. I’ve already got two loads of clothes to fold and put away with two more on the way. And the dishes. But all I want to do is go back to bed.

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