Saturday, October 06, 2018

Havana CAL - Slight Snag

Loops Oops & Curl

Snag Close Up
Havana CAL end of day 5 f or Friday had finished row 17

I considered rows 12-17 as all belonging to Day 5 because I didn't put it down until 6 am this morning.

Woke raring to go at noon but while preparing to mount next color of yarn for row 18 I discovered two loops with significant snags atop each other in the top two rows nearly back to the beginning.

Had to take out rows 16 and 17 to end of second iteration or back to approx the 44th stitch. I usually pin the curling edges for the pics but left them this time to showcase what I think contributed to my not seeing the snagged loops before I cut off the skeins.

That curl actually formed almost a tube that I had to smooth out as I inspected the row backwards before starting the next row.

Being visually impaired doesn't help.

While the work was still narrow it wasn't so hard to do it without laying it down on a flat surface and holding it open with both hands. I guess that's what I'll have to do at the end of every row now.

 So disheartening. Still hadn't frogged it as of 6pm Pacific Coast Time.

Then I realized I didn't have to suffer alone.  I had a resource in the CAL group's fb page.  So I took the pics at top of this post and posted them there and withing minutes got back several replies all suggestion it was a tension problem and maybe I could try going up a hook size.

That's when I looked at my hook with magnifier and realized it was a size G and I was sure I settled on an H when I started.  That's a difference between 4.25 mm and 5mm.  There followed a frantic search over the craft table and floor around it and among the WIP kit bags I was wearing yesterday and those hanging off the edge of the table and then in all the skeins I'd cut free and returned to the big Havana CAL kit bag.  I finally found it in the white skein still in the kit bag I wore yesterday.

My next dilemma was whether to frog back further than the snags to where the stitches first tightened.  I looked and felt to me to be another two rows down.  I decided that I should try putting part of the orange row back in with the H hook first to see if there was a visible difference.  And lo there was.  After only two iterations of the 12 stitch repeat it was already significantly less curl.  So I kept going and by the time I got to the end of row 16 again it was hard to tell there was an issue.  By the time I got row 17 back in I was able to smooth it flat for the picture with only one pass of my hands over it.  No pins needed.

Since I'd already cut the orange skein free before discovering the problem I ended up needing to reattach it on the last dc about two inches from the end. So I have two tails to tuck.  I wish I'd thot of crocheting over them with the white.  It might be worth taking out those two inches in order to do that;

It's almost midnight and I've not yet added more rows. So I guess Day 6 is a wash.

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