Wednesday, November 02, 2016

ROW80 2016 Round 4 Goals

The writing challenge that
 knows you have a life
Back from an 11 month writing hiatus.  Got Life Hacked.  Outer chaos ginned up inner chaos and created a feedback loop.

The start of NaNo was the impetus I needed to jump back in.  I kinda knew if I ditched NaNo the fact of a first miss since 2004 would ditch my morale so that it might be months or years before I found the motivation again.

Because I jumped into NaNo Monday night, I decided I should also join ROW80 even tho its a month late for Round 4.  I need the motivation and accountability only a group can provide.  It also provides the incentive to keep going after November 30.

For my goals I'm going with what I set up for Round 1 in January (which I dropped out of before the end of the month) with a few tweaks for NaNo.

My Round 4 intentions: seek to regain my joy/Joy in writing and to prepare the soil for its blooming with these time investment goals:
  • Storydreaming 15min Daily 
  • Read/Study Craft 15min Daily 
  • Move/Breathe/Meditate 15min Daily 
  • Personal Journaling 15min Daily 
  • Read Fiction 30min Daily 
  • Blog post Writing/Editing. 15-60min Daily. (this is also a boundary.  60min max even if that means the post isn't ready to publish.  No more pressuring myself to post daily even if it means spending 2, 4, 6 hours and upwards getting it prepped.
  • Social network activities 30min Daily (writing Joystory posts doesn't count only social reaching out like reading/commenting on other blogs, guest posts and posting to fb, twitter, pinterest etc)
  • Fiddling in my Fiction Files.  30min Daily (includes editing WIP, outlining, character sketches, editing, adding/subtracting, and organizing info in WIP note files. 30min Daily
  •  Scene Writing. 500 words or 30min Daily whichever comes first.  (for November that means my NaNo Novel, Living Hope.  And I will have to step it up if I hope to keep my NaNo winning streak.  But I know I can't come back from an 11mo writing hiatus and require myself to maintain a 1666 word pace.
Current Joy Meter: under 50% 

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