Friday, April 24, 2015

Read-a-Thon Jazzed

Can't wait.

Have spent the bulk of today in prep for tomorrow's Read-a-Thon.

Kick-off at 5am.

I spent several hours in food prep so I would have little of it to interrupt reading and blog hopping.

I made a huge smoothie and split it in two.  Put one in the fridge for breakfast shake and one in the freezer for a late afternoon frozen treat.  Ingredients:

2 raw eggs
protein powder
rainbow chard
green peas
mixed berries
plain yogurt
flax seed

I fixed a garlic yogurt dip for chips, rice cakes and raw veggies
also a container with several kinds of hummus, sour cream, salsa, and cottage cheese for same.

I fixed a thermos of hot coffee.

I filled my 2 liter water jug

I organized my tea selection.

I have also almond butter, salty kale chips, cheesy puffs, apples, oranges, dark chocolate, kumbachi drinks, Laughing Cow cheese and string cheese.

Finger food and liquid food and liquids are the main themes of the day.

As for the reading list, I'm keeping it loose.  I will mix it up with audio, ebooks and treebooks. I have one ARC not begun and one begun that I will devote significant time to and bunches of non ARC in progress books I want to advance bookmarks in.  I would like to target as many of those as possible where the current bookmark is less than 100 pages out and see how many I can finish.

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amckiereads 4/25/2015 5:12 AM  

Wow, 5am is an early start! It sounds like you're very prepared food wise though. Your snacks sound delicious! Happy reading!

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