Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Forays in Fiction: Trekking Through NaNo

2014 NaNoWriMo Participant

Nova Jayne Travers is about to enter high school.  Plagued by memories of the years of teasing, tormenting and bullying she suffered since kindergarten, her anxiety is high but she's determined that this year will be different.  After all she is different.
Over the summer she discovered the online Star Trek community where she found hundreds of fans as avid as she and has been sharing fan fiction, playing games, and parsing plots and characters in chat where someone suggested that no matter what your dilemma there is a solution to be found among the hundreds of episodes or movies.  She plans to test that theory.
While she's at it she will channel the personas of the strong Star Trek women. 

NaNo Kickoff is in minutes...

[note: it is late January as I actually publish this post.  I went looking for its link for a current post and found the draft instead.  There are a log of such drafts from the fall of 2014.]

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