Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Workstation Redo Elebenty Hunnurd n Nighty-Night

Standing in Door Looking Catercorner at Tramp 

Standing in Door
Straight at Window
How many workstation redos have I done in the last 20 months since my arrival at Mom's in January 2013?

It depends on whether you count the major and minor tweaks of the major furniture rearranging events.  If the tweaks count, since I never really stop fussing with it, the number could be equal to the number of days I've been at Mom's.

Any way you define it, I've lost count.

But nearly every time I think I've got it right and start using it as intended, it is only a matter of hours or days before glitches and snags in the concept show up and I'm constantly fiddling with it to improve productivity which is the primary purpose of the redos and tweaking.

It often feels like I spend more time rearranging or tweaking the latest redo than I spend actually doing the productive work the stations are for. I'm so frustrated at having my productivity itself always taking second place to prepping the place for the work to commence.

If you all are getting bored with hearing about them, I don't blame you.  I'm getting bored with doing them.

Standing on the Tramp Behind Chair
 I can see I'm going to be tweaking things to level my keyboard...

The picture of the house in the left top corner is one my Mom painted in college of her family home.  Which I later knew as Grandpa and Grandma Myers' house in Gerber California.  Such strong memories attached to it.  Gazing at it while leaning back in my chair is so relaxing.

The empty crate on the far left back of the desk is waiting for the next batch of library books as I've been hankering for a library visit for awhile now but my sister's been too busy to ask it of her.

Read Write Draw Craft Table
Setting up the card table again took a huge chunk of the scarce space but if I actually get to be productive with projects which entail working with my hands and spreading out materials and instruments it might be worth it.

For projects that need more space, the two stacks of five inboxes can be moved over to the big desk.  But for all other times it is necessary to have them close at hand--reachable from the chair.

This is right behind my left elbow as I sit at the keyboard but a two foot scoot back and a 90 degree swivel puts me right in front of it.  My Tatto Otts lamp I got for Christmas is set up on the left and is in the best most useful and versatile position since I first set it up.

I am really looking forward to breaking out the crochet again.  And if this section of the workstation works out over the next couple of weeks I might break out the die cut and embossing machine I got myself for Christmas and never taken out of its shipping box. The project I've in mind for it is making bookmarks and greeting cards.

[This is my second post since ending the hiatus and it's going up nearly 24 hours late.  Ah well.  Better than several weeks late.  See yesterday's She's Back  for explanation.

Watch for the missing Sunday Serenity posts to go up over the next couple days.  Most of them were ready or near ready but waiting for the posts preceding them to go up.]

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