Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time to Find a New Normal

"time flies" by Robert Couse-Baker

I let everything else fall away the morning of May 27th when I found Merlin unconscious.  Now it is closing in on a week since he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I've found my way back to enough emotional equilibrium it's time to start moving towards a new normal that puts me back on a track towards my priority goals.

I have a lot of catching up to do--sleep, email inbox, 2Do lists, clutter on desk and in clothing and accessories area and so much more.  Including posts.  I'm still running three or more days behind in getting posts ready to publish though I continue to open new drafts for each day.

This is an added stress I don't need so I'm going to simplify the task and lower my expectations until I
  • catch up on sleep
  • rack up a week solid of 7.5+ hours of sleep
  • declutter desk, closet, accessories and crafts
  • get my schedule back in place (I've gravitated back to night owl)
  • get back on my exercise routine
  • finish the rewrite of Candy Kiss
  • and whatever else occurs to me that needs to have priority over posting

So my plan for simple, quick posts is to
  • use blog this to create drafts from things I encounter online that are uplifting or useful
  • use my cell camera to take photos of something I do that might be post worthy and start a draft
  • create LOLs
  • find posts in my archives that are worth a replay or a rewrite

  • By creating more than one draft a day that way I can have a backlog of potential posts to choose from.

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