Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I discovered the Storymind site a couple weeks ago and have spent considerable time exploring the hundreds of pages of free articles on the theory of story behind the creation of the story development software Storyweaver and Dramatica.

Storyweaver was created by Melanie Anne Phillips who is also co-creator with Chris Huntley of the theory behind Dramatica. Both are are predicated on the idea that stories are

a model of the problem solving processes of the human mind. Characters, plot, theme, and genre are different families of thought that go on in the mind, made tangible, so the audience can watch the inner workings of their own minds to learn how best to solve different kinds of problems.
I find their theory fascinating because it fits with the notion I've had for some time that there is something about story that is as rooted in the deep structure of the human mind as language itself.

I can't vouch for the software as I've not tried them out. I find the screen shots intriguing and the video demos I found on YouTube tempt me to download the demo versions for a closer look. Storyweaver is potentially in my price range in the near term but Dramatica not so much.

Here is a video demo of Storyweaver put together and posted by a user of the product..
Here is a video demo of Dramatica put togehter and posted by seller of the product.

And here is Melanie Anne Phillips herself, describing the story mind concept in one of the many free excerpts from her 20 hour video course on writing using the Dramatica theory.

Below I am embedding a blooper reel from the video course. Not because it contains anything of substance about Storymind, Storyweaver, Dramatica or story writing theory but because there is a gorgeous cat who steals the show--and something else. Reminds me of the way some of my characters act in my stories.

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